Sharing your joy, telling your love story...that is the heart of a perfect beginning.

As you co-create your unique ceremony design with Hitching Hearts, we will weave a tapestry that focuses on your love story, as well as include possible readings, relevant rituals, music, and vows.  You decide the tone that your ceremony will take; lighthearted, spiritual, solemn, funny, or whatever you have imagined the perfect beginning to be.  Our goal will be to handcraft a celebration that feels familiar, comfortable, and fully embodies you and your other half.

It's all about you....

You are the heart of the process.

With your stories, beliefs, and values as inspiration, Hitching Hearts will handcraft a ceremony that reflects only you.  There are four essential steps to that process:

  • We will meet in person or by telephone for a no-obligation consultation about your desires.
  • Once your decision is made to contract with Hitching Hearts, we will request you to complete a written questionnaire to aid personalized ceremony composition.
  • You will review and edit your ceremony script until you feel wholeheartedly pleased.
  • Relax and enjoy one of the most meaningful days of your life!


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